C. Polingaysi (sicilianhitlist) wrote,
C. Polingaysi

james gunn's pg porn

How have I not heard of this little series before?! How awesome this is.

I hope everyone is doing well. I have been. Insanely stressed, busy, and struggling to keep from speaking my mind to my paranoid boss, but all is well.

I'm actually rather stress-free today. A couple of nights ago my fella and I spent a few hours with good friends. Then we spent a few more hours watching TV and goofing on the Internets late into yesterday. We had a beautiful afternoon (after moving) of just us being together, and today I am travelling to visit relatives. As we speak.

My old apartment is completely moved in now. It's pretty awesome. Now I can't wait to get my new apartment up to par.

...Huh. My desire to post on LJ has quickly and strangely sucked itself away.
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